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IFU PeriAcryl®90

Intended Use

PeriAcryl®90 is indicated to be used as an adjunct to temporarily assist in securing periodontal dressings.


Caution: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist. (Rx Only)

Description: PeriAcryl®90

PeriAcryl® is a formulated compound of the cyanoacrylate series (CA). The compound, which exists in monomeric form in the plastic containers, polymerizes extremely rapidly in the presence of anions, especially of hydroxyl ions [in the presence of water].

Instructions for Use:

Inspect to ensure a thin liquid consistency.

5 mL Multi-use Kit: Open the bottle by rotating the cap counterclockwise. Compress one of the pipettes provided and tip the bottle slightly so the cyanoacrylate comes in contact with the bottle opening. Position the compressed pipette at the neck opening and release the pressure. The CA will be drawn up into the pipette, and ready to be administered. Apply the CA to the margin between the periodontal dressing and the tooth surface. A cotton swab may be used to wick up excess CA, and to ensure it does not flow to unintended areas. Repeat the process of application until desired effect has been accomplished.

2 mL Multi-use Kit: Open the bottle by rotating the bottle cap counterclockwise. Once opened, drop the required amount of adhesive into one of the wells in the tray provided. Using one of the pipettes provided, draw up the adhesive and apply to the surface being treated. Refer to application techniques above.

Unit of Use Kit: Remove from the protective pouch. Raise the tip and tap lightly to allow the adhesive to move away from the tip. Clip the tip as closely to the end as possible to allow maximum control. Lower the pipette and apply to the treatment site. Refer to application techniques above.

Closing and Storage of bottles

Ensure that the bottle tip and cap are clean and dry by removing excess adhesive with a dry paper towel. Replace and securely fasten the cap. Store upright, and where practical, below 4° C or 40° F.

Important Recommendations

Whenever the adhesive is used, care must be taken that none splashes onto the cornea of the eye or into the conjunctival sac, where it would cause adhesions. PeriAcryl®90 is for topical use only.

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