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Use of cyanoacrylate for the stabilization of tissues in root coverage procedures: A case series report with 5 years follow up.


A variety of periodontal plastic surgery techniques have been proposed to correct aesthetic and functional problems caused by gingival recession, with root coverage using connective tissue grafts being the one most commonly performed. These surgeries, however, are partially dependent on tissue graft stability. In this case series, we describe the use of a tissue adhesive (cyanoacrylate) as a solution for graft stabilization. Two patients with Cairo’s type 1 gingival recession were treated with an envelope technique using connective tissue graft stabilized with cyanoacrylate alone. The results were a faster procedure and complete root coverage, even after 5 years of follow-up. Our findings suggest that cyanoacrylates can be an alternative to standard graft stabilizing procedures, leading to a stable root coverage in RT1 recessions.

KEY WORDS: Cyanoacrylates; Gingival recession; Tissue adhesives.

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