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PeriAcryl® cyanoacrylate dressing as a helpful adjunct in implant surgery

Surgeons are always looking for ways to predictably maintain primary closure, to reduce suture migration during cutaneous wound closure, and to keep membranes and graft material intact during clot formation and epithelialization. PeriAcryl® by GluStitch Inc is a product that compliments these surgical scenarios. PeriAcryl® is a cyanoacrylate that is available in two viscosities – high and regular. It can be flash-set by applying saline to its surface. It is biologically compatible and has been tinted violet so that it is easy to visualize at the surgical sites. I have seen the best results by routinely using PeriAcryl® for socket grafting, with or without immediate implant placement, and as protection over sutures after tension-free primary closure.

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